“Even after almost four decades of making music together, the acoustic trio


Catmoondaddy still experiments with the approach they take to each of the


musical gems they’ve hand-picked through the years.


With acoustic guitar and drumming, electric bass, seasoned vocals and


harmonica, they create a friendly, engaging atmosphere filled with faithful


renditions of beloved songs.  


They breathe new life into musical gems  and they handle classic rock


songs with the gusto of the times the songs came from.



Then there are tracks you’d never expect an acoustic group to do.


When Catmoondaddy does them, the typical audience reaction is, “It didn’t


sound like anything was missing.”  By the way, Catmoondaddy uses no gimmickry


 in their performances…..no fake drums, no synths.


Popular at community events and libraries, wineries and conventions, the


Catmoondaddy trio has an extensive repertoire.  They set up in smaller


spaces, yet they deliver a full, warm sound at an affordable price.”